Wednesday, January 26, 2011

one chapter ends, the next begins.

I've spent the majority of my time this past month
with everyone in Mainstage,
and all the rest of my time was spent
studying like crazy.
I've grown close to pretty much all of you this year,
and even if some of your immaturities bother me,
I still love all of you,
and I'm sad to see this chapter of my life end.
It's been a great 3 years,
and this is definitely going to be a show to drop jaws.
We are all so talented and we have all grown so much.
Although it is sad to say goodbye,
I cannot wait to have time to spend with
my best friends,
that I have so far neglected in all these stresses.
We only have a few more months together,
but I plan on making them the best ones we've had yet.
So to my favourite best friends:
I'm so sorry we haven't been spending a ton of time together,
and I miss you dearly,
and thank you for sticking by me and still loving me!
I love you all so much
and I'll see you soon :)

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